Our latest

We thought we'd share with you an image of our latest job. It's been a pleasure designing and printing our friend Daniel's business cards... we wish him the best tomorrow in the opening of his Degree Show at RSAMD and a very exciting future as set designer. The show is sure to be quite interesting since it's been themed around Dadaism...


Handmade Graphics, a cure for damaged souls...

...graphically speaking that is. Here's a book that explains and shows so much better than I ever could why so many of us are currently using traditional and hand-made techniques to produce graphics. We love computers, don't get me wrong, (even when they let us down -we've had some recent problems!) but eventually some of the magic seems to get lost and staring at a screen for hours makes you forget why you decided to get into this in the first instance...

(link to amazon.com, amazon.co.uk doesn't have the option to search inside the book)


Starthere... and go on and on and on

Nice idea from design studio Littlefury. Their first product is Starthere, a series of notebooks that can be joined by sliding into each other's covers. It's not very clear from their website whether each notebook has a different use, though I'm guessing from some of the comments left that there must be a calendar notebook (?). In any case a simple and good-looking sketchbook.