Page 1: Great Expectations

Great Expectations has always been one of my favourite novels by Dickens, so I couldn't resist posting about this interesting experiment, even at the expense of posting about books again!
In the words of GraphicDesign&
"Page1: Great Expectations is an unusual typographic experiment designed to explore the relationship between graphic design, typography and the reading of a page. Crafted to engage the culturally curious, Page 1: Great Expectations collects the responses of 70 international graphic designers when posed with the same brief – to design and lay out the first page of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, a text chosen in part because it directly references lettering as Pip searches for clues about his family from the letterforms inscribed on their tombstone."
Some of the contributors are APFEL, Experimental Jetset, Studio Frith, Spin and the extremely talented and skilled Phil Baines. 

And yes...it will soon be mine!

*all images by GraphicDesign& from their website