It has been a while

I do realise that things have been terribly quiet, I would like to apologise but my reasons are the usual ones and they do get a bit boring: too busy working, too busy teaching, not enough time to update all the different instances that now make our electronic lives (Blogger, Facebook, Pinterest) … I am a firm believer in doing things properly or not at all, so I have decided to stop updating "News from the Print Studio".

I have enjoyed sharing my findings about design and art through this space -even though I was never as regular as I originally intended- and I would like to thank everyone that followed us: the regular readers and the casual ones that just stumbled upon the blog, the old friends and the new ones.

My intention is to relaunch Inkthread's website (soon!) and to have a news section where I will continue to share the projects and adventures of Inkthread Press. I would of course be delighted if some of you still wanted to keep in touch, and I will post here a link to that section as soon as it is ready. The focus in this new blog would be mainly Inkthread's own work and a more detailed account of our experiences printing and typesetting and creating books.

As a farewell gift I leave you with a recently composed little video that I hope shows a bit about our process and how personal every project is to us.

Thank you for keeping us company all these years,

Inkthread Press