stamps stamps!!

Is it a nerdy thing to collect stamps? or anything else for that matter...not sure. All the same, even if collecting stamps is not your thing this detailed poster will probably be and with stamps looking like this who could blame you.

"A field guide to stamps of the world" by Gavin Potenza is a letterpress poster representing 20 original stamp designs from around the world, printed on archival printmaking paper in a limited edition of 200. Beautifully printed, if you feel so inclined you can buy it from his website.

(via the Designboom blog)
*all images from Gavin Potenza's website


...violets are blue

It's amazing what some people can do with a sharp blade, a bit of paper and a good few hours! I suspect they are laser-cut though.

"All year rings" by designer Tithi Kutchamuch in co-operation with Nutre Arayavanish, twelve flower rings (one per calendar month) that come alive from their flat and intriguing two dimensional form into full three dimensional beauties. Personally, and although I know that the whole point of their existence is the fact that they are rings, I prefer them coming out of the card.
*all images from Tithi Kutchamuch's website