Oldies Goldies

So, I've found this really interesting and useful book"The Penrose Annual 1958". It's a review of the graphic arts at the time, with multiple articles on typography, printing techniques and the use of graphics in advertising; to illustrate the articles it also includes printed samples. Most of the samples are just photos but some of them, oh beauty, are the original pieces specifying the type of paper and impression used (including newspaper samples), what a jewell! The book itself is a very good binding job, with nice finishing touches, it made my day.


Alex Noriega

I haven't posted about illustrators for a while and I've been meaning to mention Alex Noriega for a long time now. His work is always colourful but subtle and rich in detail, with a child-like quality that reminds me of fairytales. He ran a contest via his blog where you could win one of his prints, if you (like me) missed it do not despair! some of his work is for sale through his website.
*all images by Alex Noriega
On a different note: I have added a flickr account to the blog where I'll be uploading bits and pieces that are not really worth mentioning but that maybe nice to look at... unfinished printouts, letterpress tests, rejected proposals...


There's something about cutting paper

(I've been having problems with my connection and finding quite hard to post, let's see if this one works!) The images above are stills from an amazing animation by Andersen M Studio, found via It's nice that. I've seen quite a few samples of recent work using animated paper cut silhouettes, one of my favourites is Checkland Kindleysides' website.