Visual Editions have just (this Monday) announced the upcoming release of their latest book Kapow! a novel by Adam Thirwell, since copies are not for sale yet I haven't had the pleasure of reading it so I'm just copying this extract form Visual Editions site:

"A clever, funny, and bitingly critical cultural commentary, it uses spinning digressions to tell the stories of a group of interconnected characters in London and Egypt, each transformed by the idea of revolution. Kapow! asks readers to open and unfold pages, to follow text leaking in and out of paragraphs, while progressively becoming part of and lost within the narrator’s giddy digressions."
I'm sure the narrative will be excellent and the experience of unveiling the content of such an intricate layout unique, can't wait to get my copy! The book has been designed by Studio Frith.

*all images by David Sykes via Visual Edition's website.