More posters...

Just came across the work of Small Stakes and since it's mainly posters and cd covers (our favourites) I had to share it through our blog. The majority of their clients seem to be from the music industry, a field we would like to look into ourselves.


Is it just me?

Last night I attended the opening night of The Scottish Show at The Lighthouse here in Glasgow. For those of you who haven't heard of it before it aims to represent the design scene in Scotland in an effort, I guess, to help market it. This year it's part of a bigger project called the Six-Cities which involves six major Scottish cities... so needless to say I had great expectations, even more considering that I know some of the designers exhibiting. I still can't put my finger on it, but whatever the reason it failed to impress me... there was some excellent work, some good work, and some not so good that looked a bit student-like (and not in a good way!) and put together in a hurry. There were some pieces that would have benefitted from a better position and more space while others should have done with a lot less! I will however go back and see it in less of a hurry- I couldn't stay long last night- I feel some projects deserve a second look.


Simple but effective?

Well, that's what we're hoping for... our website is up! We intend to add a couple of sections and probably the option to see some of the work at a bigger size... but this is it for now. It's taken us a while since we never seem to find the time to do promotional work for ourselves, hopefully this is just the beginning and we'll try to keep a close eye on the marketing side of things. Smudge seems to think the opposite corner of the studio is a lot more interesting though!