Simple ideas are often the best

Bianca Chang makes exquisitely simple paper sculptures with the help of a pencil, a ruler and a scalpel knife, no computer or laser cutter is involved in the process. She uses plain 80 gms photocopy paper and delicately cuts layer after layer to compose her three dimensional pieces. In case you are intrigued about the process she has kindly filmed herself while working on one of her pieces. Enjoy!

*all images and video by Bianca Chang from her website.


The alphabet by hand

...it made me smile.

*video and calligraphy by Job Vouters found via his website


...before I forget

I am usually really bad about remembering the dates for particular events and even worse when it comes to posting about it on time... this time however I've managed to post about it the day before, close one! If you are in Edinburgh or nearby Christopher Bettig (The Mountain Label) is exhibiting at Analogue Books from tomorrow (opening reception 4th June, then from 5th June to 10th July). I don't exactly know what type of work he will be exhibiting this time, some of his collage and mixed media work I guess, in any case I'm sure it will full of colour, variety, texture and pattern. One not to be missed.

*all images by Christopher Bettig from his website


Printing with threads

So, you decide to research the possibilities of combining crafts and new technologies, printing and colour theory and you have excellent skills with a needle... add quite a bit of patience and dedication and ...ah yes! your name is Evelin Kasikov, now you have all the key ingredients for these beautiful and intricate books, craft at its best.

And as much as the finish work is a thing of beauty it's always interesting to see the process and sometimes if we are lucky to get a peek at previous work and experiments that lead to it. I find the work in her sketchbooks equally fascinating, maybe due to the unfinished and less controlled nature of sketch work.

all images by Evelin Kasikov, obtained from her website