Back to work!

I hope everybody had a good break and that 2008 has started full of energy and new plans. 2008 is bringing some changes for Inkthread too: design business continues as usual and expect the same type of posts from the blog (hopefully with more regularity!). The website however is under transformation, as soon as the new version is up I'll post about it so you can check it and give your opinions- contructive criticism only, pleeease! And it will also have a new section with a small shop. Although Inkthread is not a shop based business but a consultancy, the print studio generates such an immense amount of paper offcuts and other bits and pieces that it seems a shame not to do something productive with them!
Thanks for reading the Inkthread blog, and keep checking!


StreakNick said...

Sounds such a good idea, Looking forward to seeing some of the stuff that you have!

Loraine said...

muchos gracias ! (luckily you can't hear me say that)

i'll check back to look at the changes you're going to make+the shop
with nothing but constructive criticism of course...

but not like in art school where every step was criticized , i found that to be stifling