Some random things about Inkthread...

The horror, the horror! Emma from Showpony tagged me ages ago and I never replied... it would be rude not to answer, but I can't honestly think of seven pieces of information that anyone would find vaguely interesting so instead these are some random things that not everybody knows about Inkthread:
  • Before Inkthread was called Inkthread... it was briefly called (only few hours) Calliper Press, mmm connotations of orthopedics made me change my mind.
  • The Heidelberg Platen traveled all the way up from Leeds on the
    back of an open-back pick-up truck, originally covered with a tarpaulin but the wind almost blew it away, so it finished its trip completely uncovered... on arrival at Glasgow there was no human way to unload it so it had to spend the night in the open... needless to say it rained and snowed all night long, other than a bit of surface rust it moves as smooth as when it was made... German engineering!
  • Music preferred while printing... classical I'm afraid, even if it sounds pedantic, preferably Bach. It helps concentration, I find.
  • The cat Smudge was called Smudge long before he became a printer's cat... destiny perhaps?
  • Inkthread advocates the prohibition of the use of Comic Sans, under no circumstances should this type be considered "appropriate". No apologies voluntary organisations and charity shops...

Since I've suffered a lot trying to think of fairly interesting things to say I'm not tagging anyone... no curse involved, I hope.

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