The future of publishing: discuss

Recently I saw this... and I was amazed and wishing I was eight again and could take this sort of thing for granted...
It certainly does redefine the experience of reading, or is it playing? or watching animations?... all of the above? The good news is, I think, that as we get more sophisticated and gadgety, publishing companies seem to agree in the need to produce good design matched by quality printed material. And they are printing some eye-catching collections, so that those like me who still don't have an I-Pad can cherish a different kind of toy.

So, in my last visit to the book shop (oh yes, as much as I love the internet and its comforts I still like walking into bookshops and finding unexpected jewels) I found Faber & Faber's Poetry Collection 2010. (I know I'm a bit late, it's from over a year ago but I just saw it!).

The cover designs are inspired by 1960's styles and the project involved a group of very talented illustrators and printmakers, with Peter Clayton, Sarah Young , and Ed Kluz amongst them.
The covers are truly beautiful and the books are finished with equally nice touches such as the printed endpapers. I'm not that big on poetry but in this case I'll make an effort.

You can read more about it on the F&F blog The Thought Fox

*all images above from the F&F blog, Vimeo link from Moonbot Studio's website.

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