Turning over a new leaf...

The end to 2011 proved quite hectic and exciting with some new additions to the printing "family". After a long trip in a lorry and under considerably heavy rain, our "new" beautiful Arab Press arrived ready to get inky and press some paper.

It also saw some interesting work, I do not want to show off too much but I do get the best clients... you know who you are! And it seems that the start to 2012 is not going to be any different. I'm referring here to the level of busyness, as the nature of the work regards... well, let's say that it maybe slightly different. Being one that rarely says no to a challenge Inkthread Press has taken on a new adventure in the murky waters of publishing... the project is still taking shape so enough said for now.

I promise some photos soon but in the meantime I leave you with a bit of magic...

*images via Vimeo by Serviceplan for Austria Solar

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